Paralel me Inovacionin dhe Risitë

Paralel me
Inovacionin dhe Risitë
Përtej bukurisë dhe dëshirës NATYRALE BIOLOGJIKE E SIGURTË DUAJENI LËKURËN QË KENI ! Konturimi i trupit me ajër

Information about the company

VaanMED carries out the marketing and distribution of the most modern medical/aesthetic products and equipment, as an official partner of the companies Taumed, DEKA, Led SPA, AD Swiss med, Biotec Italia and Shen B.

VALUES - Our values are summed up in providing a qualified service through the perfect product-staff combination. MISSION - Our mission is to be as close as possible to the best, fastest and most reasonable solution to meet the customer's needs GOAL - Our goal is to offer products that meet European quality criteria and to constantly expand their range.