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Mental HealthEvent: Taumed

Event: Taumed

Vaanmed in cooperation with the manufacturing company TAUMED, carried out the official launch of the KARISMA product for Albania, with VAANMED as the authorized official representative. Many professionals in the field, doctors and beauticians in Albania have been introduced and trained to use this innovative product as well as two other devices for which VAANMED is a distributor: Handy and Carbomed CO2.


Karisma is an injectable, reabsorbable medical product, it is a soft and bio-replenishing filler, as it NATURALLY restores pre-aging conditions, acting on the regeneration of the extracellular matrix. Formulated entirely with natural ingredients without the use of chemical binding agents. Totally biologically compatible, it stimulates the regenerative capacities of the skin. Non-allergenic, respects the natural origin of substances.

The Karisma injection process was made possible by authorized representatives of the TAUMED company for dermatologists who were closely acquainted with the specifics of the Karisma injection process, an easy procedure with fantastic benefits for the skin.

Carbomed CO2 – Carboxytherapy

Carbomed is a medical therapy that utilizes the use of carbon dioxide (CO,) for therapeutic purposes. It acts directly on the microcirculation and can be used in the treatment of conditions such as: cellulite, insufficiency, chronic venous ulcers, lymphedema, arterial and venous vascular dystrophic ulcers, skin aging, alopecia, psoriasis, chronic rheumatism and in all those pathologies that generally affect the venous-lymphatic system.

During the Training Event with the authorized representatives of TAUMED, the dermatologists were also introduced to the Carboxytherapy implementation process. The training included the CO2 injection process with the aim of the cellulite-eliminating effect.

Handy  – Plasma Excellence

Another device presented at the VaanMed x TAUMED event was the Handy, whose training included the process of eliminating nerves.

Handy, otherwise “Plasma Excellence” is a device used in non-ablative surgery, aesthetics, and dermatology. HANDY uses the ionization of the gas present in the air, generating a small electric arc to vaporize the tissue. The mechanism is activated when the tip of the electrode is close to the skin, without touching it.

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